About Fauxmaggio

Fauxmaggio started as a dream to introduce new gourmet cheese options to the plant-based community. It has since grown into a larger mission to promote sustainability, health and animal welfare.

Fauxmaggio was forged from humble beginnings in founder Dan LiBoissonnault’s home kitchen in 2018. After adopting a vegan diet for health reasons, he quickly became unsatisfied with the plant-based cheese options available, especially as a self-proclaimed “cheese snob.” So, he started experimenting with different recipes.

Dan spent months fine-tuning his plant-based cheese recipe and collecting feedback from friends. Once he finalized the recipe, it was time to introduce Fauxmaggio at local farmer’s markets, where it became a big hit. From there, Dan focused on expanding his vegan cheese offerings and introducing Fauxmaggio to even more people.

Today, Fauxmaggio is produced in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

A Unique Vegan Cheese

Our cheeses are small batch and handcrafted using high-quality, clean ingredients. Unlike most other vegan cheeses on the market, we use macadamia nuts in our recipe, which gives the cheeses a lighter, creamier quality while adding more nutrients.

Most vegan cheese recipes include coconut oil, which gives it that firm, dairy cheese appearance. However, it also adds a ton of saturated fat, and it can sometimes have an overpowering flavor. At Fauxmaggio, we use organic and heart-healthy extra virgin olive oil instead, which also produces a better flavor.

Our cheese recipes utilize all-natural ingredients, and they do not contain any chemical preservatives, fillers or gums. Our mission is to allow our customers to enjoy a traditional-tasting cheese without the negative health effects and environmental impact.

About Dan LiBoissonnault

Fauxmaggio founder Dan LiBoissonnault has a long history in the food service industry. After earning a degree in hotel/restaurant management, he went on to work in many facets of the industry, including working on the line, bartending, serving and dining room and restaurant management. He has also worked as a wine steward, wine salesman and wine buyer for retail establishments, and he formerly owned a wine and spirits store.

After adopting a vegan diet for health reasons, Dan soon realized the plant-based cheese options available on the market were unsatisfactory for a former “cheese snob.” So, he decided to create a vegan cheese that would meet his standards.

Dan envisions a bright future for plant-based foods, and he is personally witnessing them becoming more mainstream by the day. People are increasingly incorporating plant-based foods into their daily diets, whether they are eating a few plant-based meals per week or fully adopting a vegan lifestyle. As the market expands and develops, Dan plans for Fauxmaggio to do the same. He is constantly experimenting with new recipes and concepts to grow Fauxmaggio’s line of products.

Taste the most delicious cheese you'll ever try!

That’s right! We’re confident that Fauxmaggio is the best cheese – dairy, vegan, or otherwise – you’ll ever try!